Brewed in Belgium, the land of extraordinary beers, Dominus alone represents all the skills of the brewer monks.
Patience and know-how
Dominus brewing craft scrupulously respects the original technology developed by the monks. Years were needed for Anthony Martin, assisted by one of his most talented master brewers, to reproduce perfectly the recipes he inherited from the men of faith. This incredible devotion has created special beers.
True emblems of a monastic brewing tradition, these drinks are exclusively prepared using natural ingredients such as hops and barley malt. In his large tank, the brewer adds a subtle mixture of yeast and sugar to which he alone holds the secret, which is then fermented at high temperature to produce a beer with complex aromas, that will also ferment in the bottle for several weeks before revealing its true character. A beer with a strong personality, Dominus has been repeatedly honoured by international juries, who have recognized both the value ​​of the brand and the high quality of its legendary beers.
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